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Supports eBird export and the newest Cornell/Clements 2014 taxonomy.
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Powerful Software: But for Birders, Not Database Geeks*
As Easy as You Wish ~ As Powerful as You Will Ever Need
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Just a Small Sample of Recent Customer Email Comments
*** "Imagine that, a company that makes customer service a priority."
"I've been using AviSys since 1993, and I would like to tell you that AviSys changed my life!"
*** "As in the past many years of using AviSys, I am still amazed at how smooth and intuitive this software is."
*** "Your extended support for AviSys users is exemplary, and very much appreciated!
*** "Just wanted to let you know that I still enjoy AviSys and think your software is the greatest - even after years of use."
*** "Thanks for the incredible work you do."
"It is so user friendly, even a computer idiot like me can use it."
*** "Thank you for an excellent product and exceptional support."
"AviSys is great software and has added another dimension to birding"
*** "Loving this program on my Mac!!!"
"I’m a big fan of your software and your great commitment to ongoing customer service."
*** "I love your program compared to other bird record systems I tried."
*** "I have to say that AviSys is just part of my life!!"
*** "The flexibility of your program is absolutely great!"
*** "The customer support you provide is beyond comparison."
*** "I've been very pleased with AviSys and your courtesy since day 1."
*** "Thanks for producing such a great product that is so easy to use!"
*** "Thanks for continuing to include a real User Guide."
*** "Thanks for providing such a wonderful birding tool."
*** "AviSys STILL rules! And it does so much that eBird doesn't. Thanks for this fantastic tool."
*** "Just keep up the good work. This program has done so much for birding."
"I really appreciate what a powerful tool AviSys is."
*** "Windows 8 hasn't accepted everything, but it does like AviSys Version 6."
*** "As always, AviSys reigns supreme"
"I remain a BIG fan of AviSys.  Thanks for all you do for us."

* But if you are a database geek, and AviSys' huge variety of reporting and listing doesn't meet your very special needs, highly flexible and comprehensive export to databases/spreadsheets will let you do anything you wish, no matter how weird, to any selected set of data in AviSys.

Try this quiz! Which birding database software allows you to update your taxonomy to the very latest level (in this case, Cornell/Clements 2014 + ABA 2014) free of charge, even if your copy of the program is a dozen releases back and dated in 1996, seventeen years ago? Answer: ONLY AviSys. That's our kind of birding software business ethic. Another vendor charges $59!!! for an annual taxonomy update plus $24 - $59 for a required minor program upgrade!!!
Image: White-breasted Nuthatch, Cascade Mountains, WA, south of Leavenworth, © 2014 Jerry Blinn (Nikon D800, 200-400 f4) Want more? Check HERE